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    Every job is an Environmental job – you can’t work in our industry without affecting the environment in which you work. Protecting the environment, wherever we work, is always critical. Some projects require more specific attention to the surroundings, beyond ensuring the use of Best Management Practices at the site.

    Many of our projects are environment-focused, from ash pond capping and closure to dust mitigation, river restoration or renewable energy innovation. Preserving the clean water we work in or near, reducing air pollution and improving fish habitat are just some examples of ways that we’ve contributed to protecting the environment. Explore some examples of projects we’ve undertaken recently.

    Widows Creek Fossil Plant Main Ash Pond and Dredge Cell Final Closure

    After retiring a fossil plant that powered northeast Alabama for six decades, the Tennessee Valley Authority sought a solution to safely store the plant’s coal ash.

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    C-44 Reservoir/STA Project, Contract No. 2 (Environmental)

    This project involves construction of a 9.2-mile-long, 30-foot-high earthen embankment to create a 3,500-acre reservoir.

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    Removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams (Environmental)

    It’s incredibly gratifying as a company to participate in the largest dam removal project in U.S. history, setting free the pristine Elwha River system on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

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    Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program (Environmental)

    When the City of Los Angeles drained Owens Lake by diverting the water feeding it, the people had no idea what they’d done.

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    Keeler Dunes Dust Mitigation Project (Environmental)

    To reduce the dust levels in and around the small town of Keeler, California, the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District is taking the lead in stabilizing the Keeler Sand Dune system.

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    Blue Lake Expansion Project (Environmental)

    The residents and businesses of Sitka, Alaska, are saying goodbye to their dependence on imported diesel fuel as a backup energy source with the raising of the Blue Lake Dam.

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    EAA A-1 Reservoir (Environmental)

    Barnard completed three contracts for the South Florida Water Management District as part of a broad-based effort to restore the Everglades.

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    San Gabriel Dam Sediment Removal

    In the 1990s, a forest fire ripped through the San Gabriel Mountains, sending as much as 6.1 million CY of sediment down into the San Gabriel Reservoir when the annual rains set in.

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